‘ICE’ Form

ICE Form

This ‘In Case of an Emergency’ (ICE) Card can be printed and put somewhere easy to access (on your fridge or by your house phone) to aid you in a medical emergency.

This could be if your parent or another family member has had a medical seizure or fit, is unconscious, becomes seriously unwell or is seriously hurting themselves.

We would encourage all Young Carers to have a list of people to call. In all medical emergencies, if someone is seriously unwell you should call 999 for an ambulance. When you do this, the operator at the other end of the phone will ask you for some basic information, to aid them in ensuring the right emergency services are able to help.

‘Other’ contact numbers could be another family member such as your grandparents, or could be a neighbour, family doctor or mental health worker if your parent or family member is supported in this way.

It may also be useful to put this information in your phone, for if something happens when you’re not at home.

If you can, for an unconscious casualty, lie them on their side in the recovery position until help arrives.

To view the written & video instructions about the recovery position, please follow the link below.

Recovery Position (NHS)